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We are an Argentine pharmaceutical laboratory that develops and manufactures medicinal products with a 20-year presence in the market.

In each one of our therapeutical product lines -dermatological, ophthalmological, buccopharyngeal, antibiotics, analgesics and antipyretic, among others- we assume our mission with the commitment of adding value to the pharmaceutical recommendation with products that guarantee the best quality ant attention to the patient.

Biosintex operates in a medicinal and pharmaceutical cosmetics plant designed and built from its beginning in accordance with GMP (Goof Manufacturing Practices) guidelines. More than 1,500 square meters located in the City of Buenos Aires dedicated to the elaboration of non-sterile liquid and semi-solid medicinal specialties, cosmetic productsand in vitro diagnostic reagents.

In December, 2017, with the opening of our new plant named "Luis F. Leloir", located in Pibera, Berazategui Industrial Park, we realized an ambitious project: to add 1,600 square meters destined to the manufacturing of a new pharmaceutical formula: medicinal candies.

The entrepreneurial spirit and the creativity of the more than 200 people that work each day to reach the more than 4,000 pharmacies and drugstores from all over the country are the key drivers of our organization, enabling us to constantly grow and expand since Biosintex's beginning.

Thanks to our more than 20 exclusive Pharmaceutical Promotion Agents we have achieved an ample geographic reach at the national level and we work with all Argentine pharmacies: small, medium and large.

With a vade mecum of more than 90 products, we cover different therapeutical areas and market our brands that are increasingly regarded as the first reference each year: Lefmar Antibiotic Candies, Tribiocort, Ibulgia, Piritos, Biocort, Lacrigestina, Midermus, and Dr UZE, among others. Since December 2016, the laboratory added a new brands portfolio whose renown pharmaceutical record solidified Biosintex's positioning in the pharmacy counter: Vitacortil, Bucoangin, Tavinex and Ibuzidine are some of them.

In Biosintex we believe that the ART of HEALING is built every day with a comprehensive stance, considering every aspect of the health care chain: pharmaceutics, doctors, institutions and laboratories, with the aim of improving everyone's life quality and welfare.