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After the sanitary authority approves a product and it is subsequently marketed, a security follow-up is made in order to obtain additional information, both at the national and international levels.

In Argentina this activity is conducted by the ANMAT (Argentina's National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology) through its pharmacovigilance system, as well as the pharmaceutical laboratory that elaborated the product.


What is an Adverse Event?

It is the undesired response to medication. It does not matter if the product caused it or not. Examples of these are headaches, rashes, vomiting, etc.


Why is it necessary to inform an Adverse Event?

So that the information can be used as a knowledge source and base to be able to take preventive actions in the future.

Biosintex Laboratory works in this way together with health professionals marketing high-quality products and providing permanent assistance, protecting the patients' security.

The Adverse Events and quality failures suspects report contribute to the detection of problems related to the use of medical products and help to maintain an updated security profile of the products our patients receive.

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